The right to speak out vigorously on governmental and corporate policies is one of the most staunchly defended freedoms of the Western World. The advent of modern public opinion polls, dealing as they do with important political, social and economic issues of the day help to provide an opportunity to let government officials, public and private institutions, and the public itself know where the people stand on these issues. The usefulness of this mode of public expression is attested to by the fact that every important democracy in the world has now one or more competent public opinion research organisation.


Dr. George H. Gallup

February 1981



For more than 55 years WIN/GIA members have demonstrated their outstanding ability to provide global public opinion surveys on even the most delicate subjects with extraordinary accuracy and speed. With our Members providing us ready access to research capabilities and facilities around the world, the association is expert to deal with the problems of conducting international opinion polling on a comparable basis.


The WIN/GIA legacy

  • To continue our tradition of rigorously conducted, accurate surveys on global issues eg politics, democracy, governance, environmental issues, corruption etc.
  • To measure and to provide feedback on public opinion to governments and international organisations
  • To provide a research forum for our Members and to offer professional support to colleagues in emerging or developing countries
  • Surveys in times of world crisis



Giving the World a Voice

Giving the World a Voice has always been a fundamental part of the WIN/GIA mission. Following the traditions of our founding fathers, Dr. Gallup and his colleagues, WIN/GIA has always undertaken projects that it feels will contribute to the greater good of humanity, often proactively.


A particular strength of WIN/GIA is our ability to speedily access public opinion around the globe in times of crisis and to circulate the results to "interested parties". We have co-ordinated and circulated single and multi-country surveys concerning various extremely sensitive topics such as natural disasters, wars and genocides, governmental movements and revolutions, and other international crises and sentiments. We also conduct surveys on less delicate subjects such as political campaigns, international sporting events and other global issues, all on a regular basis, using a variety of research tools and methodologies, each appropriate to the information requirements of the study, the client and the conditions of the market.

The team includes:
I. Gilani (Pakistan) Leader 
KP. Schoeppner (Germany) Leader 
C. Bourque (Canada)

D. Scholz (Canada)
I. Suzuki (Japan)
C. Bracq (France)
G. Sliman (France)
A. Maposa (Nigeria)
L. Castelnau (Brazil)
H. Gastaldi (Brazil)
A. Tejumola (RMS-Africa)
P. Kenny (Australia)
J. Young (Australia) 
C. Clavero(Spain)
L. Miguel (Spain)

For more information, please contact the WIN/GIA Coordinator: Chiara Monetti