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AlasCa CEO is a simulation tool for international pricing and portfolio optimization. 




In collaboration with our Member from Germany, Produkt+Markt, WIN/GIA presents AlasCa CEOtool.  AlasCa CEO is a management tool to support developing and adjusting holistic pricing strategies. 

The tool calculates optimal prices for different products within a portfolio or for products across markets or countries.  Additional information includes the arbitrage between countries and/or the cannibalization within a product portfolio


Technical Specifications


Data can be collected via CAPI, CATI, online or PAPI.  Data input via individual or aggregated part-worth utility values or  based upon trade-off or discrete choice exercises.



  • Market simulator which provides optimal prices across products, segments or countries.
  • Market shares, turnover and profit curves.
  • What-if scenarios (simulation of changes in prices, dealer margins, exchange rates, etc.)


For more information, please refer to the attached pdf documentation.



Heiner Junker

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