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Creative Connection™ is a set of tools and techniques to be applied in the early and crucial stage of idea, product or concept development. Creative Connection™ detects and highlights changes and trends in innovative activities.



In collaboration with our Member from Brazil, IBOPE Inteligência, WIN/GIA presents the Creative Connection tool.  This model promotes divergent thinking and highlights the distinctiveness and relevance of brand architecture, services and product platforms.   


Based on co-creation and ideation, a creative connection can be achieved with a group of consumers, the client’s team, a group of bright minds (a special panel of very creative people) or a mixed group, depending on study objectives.


Technical Specifications


Each tool has a specific technical format. These tools are mostly qualitative and include workshops, pre-tasks, long and short group discussions, ethnographic observations, probing for innovation clues, internal/external desk research.




The main output is a short qualitative report presenting a list of the relevant ideas and their connections to the main subject.



Laure Castelnau

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