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B.E.S.T™ is a reference tool used for studies on social climate and employee satisfaction.




In collaboration with our Member from France, BVA, WIN/GIA presents the B.E.S.T ™ tool.  With its advanced statistical techniques and 10 years experience in social climate studies, B.E.S.T™ is a social observation tool that evaluates the social climate of your company or of your country’s companies.


B.E.S.T™ provides businesses with a model designed to assess social climate by focusing on 6 key elements:  work, colleagues, management, pressure, links to the business and corporate loyalty.


This model is specifically designed to fit the needs of each business and is enriched by a state-level benchmark which allows businesses to compare their scores to national, sectorial, or company-size averages.


Through Bayesian network analysis, this model allows beneficiaries to identify the drivers that will improve their social climate.


Technical Specifications


B.E.S.T™ is conducted with employees within all of the company's income brackets. The methodology is adapted to the client’s specificities and is mostly conducted in CAWI (CATI or Paper is possible). A national study is also done every two years on a sample basis of 2000 employees (national representative).




B.E.S.T™ provides each company with an index of their social climate situation -graded on a 100- point scale- these results are then crossed with each of the 6 main key issues mentioned above (plus a series of 53 sub-issues).  B.E.S.T™ relies on a standardized questionnaire and in-depth statistical analysis (Bayesian networks).



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