Customer Satisfaction- Voice of the Customer™

Voice of the customer 

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Voice of the customer captures the voice of the customer after every moment of engagement and turns the customer feedback into actionable insights.




In collaboration with our Member from Canada, Leger, WIN/GIA presents Voice of the customertool. 


Voice of the customer enables retailers and consumer brands to transform customer feedback into actionable insights for real-time management of the customer experience.


Through continuous customer feedback and real-time actionable reporting, we provide immediate insight into the voice of the customer when and where it matters most. 


Technical Specifications

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. 
  • Web, mobile, kiosk and Interactive Response (IVR) survey data collection.
  • Real-time reporting and dashboards.





Actionable reports tailored to the roles at all levels in the organization.

Including dashboards, operational performance scorecards, tracking and trending, benchmarking & peer comparisons, customer verbatim comments, interactive analytics with drill-down & multi-level filtering, customer segmentation, customer recovery alerts.


For more information please find attached the Voice of the Customer documentation.


Richard Pridham

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