New Beauty Care Study in the MENA Region

New Beauty Care Study in the MENA Region
2016-02-18 - press release (Lebanon)

Beauty Care is one of the fastest developing markets around the world and representing about 500 Billion US $ in sales in 2016 (based on IBD reports). Much of the growth is occurring in the emerging markets. 


7 Members of the MENA WIN/Gallup International regional group investigated the kind of products that is likely to be most attractive to the population in the MENA countries and the touch points that are to lead the prospects to buy new beauty care products and brands they have not tried before.


This new survey was conducted in Egypt (Reach), Iran (EMRC), KSA (Reach), Lebanon (Reach), Morocco (BJ Group), Palestine (PCPO) and UAE (Reach).   


Among the key findings:


Overall the top 3 beauty care areas to which people in all countries will dedicate more time are:

  • Body care
  • Hair care
  • Hand care


Looking at the time dedicated per country, there are two types of countries in the MENA region:

  • Slow paced countries: KSA, Egypt, UAE, and Iran
  • Fast paced countries: Palestine, Lebanon and Morocco


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For more information, please contact:

Selim Saad

Deputy General Manager Reach

Board Member WIN/Gallup International