Global Vote on US Elections | Press Release

Global Vote on US Elections | Press Release
2016-10-04 - article ()

Global Poll on the US Election reveals that


Global survey in 45 countries

A global poll conducted by WIN / Gallup International Association reveals that the American Presidential Election is arousing widespread engagement across the world, where a vast majority is keen to tell pollsters their favourite between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The poll carried out among 45 countries, covering nearly 75% of world population shows that Hillary Clinton is ahead of Donald Trump in all but one country, Russia. She is remarkably popular in Western Europe, Latin America and Africa. Donald Trump is popular in Russia and China. The findings of the global poll were presented by our members Dr. Ijaz Gilani (Gallup Pakistan, Pakistan) and Peter Kenny (Colmar Brunton, Australia) in New Orleans, USA, during the Annual Congress of ESOMAR. The poll was carried out during August and September among a total of 44,194 men and women.

Among other questions, we asked the World about:


1. If you were to vote in the American election for President, who would you vote for


2. Would you advise the American President to pour more American resources into the war against terrorism (e.g. against ISIS)?


3. If Hillary Clinton becomes the next President, would she perform better than Barack Obama, worse or just as well?

4. If Donald Trump becomes the next President, would he perform better than Barack Obama, worse or just as well?

Among those polled, 69% said it made a high or very high impact on their countries as to who gets elected the President of the United States.

On matters of public policy, the majority of 78% across the globe advised the next American President not to be swayed by local American interests alone, but to either focus on the interests of the entire world, or to give equal priority to both local and global concerns.

Only 16% of the global public advised the next American President to put America first and disregard global interests. The American public on the other hand is much more in favour of an American-centric policy, this view being held by 61% of American citizens.

Commenting on the findings of the global poll, Vilma Scarpino, President of the Association, said:
"Given that the world has become globalized and America leads it in economic and military matters, the American Presidential elections arouse a very interesting and meaningful global public policy debate. Our poll however reveals big gaps in the views of the global public and the American public''.


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Read Region Wise and Demographic Wise Results HERE.

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Dr. Ijaz Gilani

Gallup Pakistan, Member of WIN/Gallup International 


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ORB International, Member of WIN/Gallup International 


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Voices!, Member of WIN/Gallup International


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WIN/Gallup International, the world’s leading association in market research and polling, is glad to present the results of the international survey on US Elections during the 69th ESOMAR Congress in New Orleans.
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The findings of this international survey will be released at the end of September. Stay Tuned!
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